The Jigger is back!

Yesterday I saw a kid trying out his brand new Hoverboard Extention that he got for Easter. It was really cool watching him zipping up and down our road and it brought back some good old memories of when I was a young boy.

We had to build our own go-karts from bits o timber or if we were fortunate enough, have our Dads make one for us. We used old pram wheels and the only place to try them out was usually on a steep hill. If we were lucky enough to live near a hill, these karts “Bogies” or “Jiggers” as we called them back then, were not powered by anything but your best friends pushing power.

I remember there was a couple of brothers that had a Jigger made by their Dad, it was really quick but heavy too, mainly because it had chunky small but solid tyres that seemed to glide silently and smoothly along the cracks of the pavement, making a noise that resembled a train on a track. We were all jealous of that kart coming out each year to put our calamity contraptions to shame. Still, it was a great time to be a kid.

Flip it or build a niche site

As I write this post I have redirected this domain to Amazon purely as an experiment, but, I know it would work better for me as a niche site. The TLD dot com was taken, but I know that this is a trend hitting the UK by storm.

Even though this is a domain that I’d be happy to build out, I’m always open to good sensible offers to take it off my to-do list.




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