About us

Having a business is one thing but staying in business is another. For most, it's a struggle and that usually comes down to lack of marketing or lack of funding or both.

Having a great domain name is essential for your business, it can make or break your venture and by taking the time to design around your ventures it is more likely to succeed.

The way forward, in my opinion, is to "KEEP BUILDING BUSINESS" that drives you, your customers and your profits to a level that enables all to benefit in some form or another via your services or your products.
The moment you stop building the business is the time that it starts to fail to change with the times and inevitably your business, slowly or rapidly declines to a standstill and closure.
I know because this happened to me and if it wasn't for the support from my wife and family, I wouldn't be here for you today, invest in your business and keep building more assets and if you need any help just let me know. 
R M Ellwood